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Private Equity and Venture Capital

At GMS Surgent, our dedicated teams of professionals provide a full range of services focused on the needs of private equity firms and their portfolio companies. Because making deals is one of your key activities, you need a firm that fully understands the risks, intricacies and urgency of due diligence. We understand you want to choose an accounting firm with a company track record of proven transaction experience and timely service. We bring everything you need in transaction support services, plus the services your portfolio companies need to succeed after the closing. 

How We Can Help

Whether you’re a private equity group in need of transaction support services or a corporate buyer looking for due diligence assistance, GMS Surgent has seasoned professionals to help you. From start to finish, our senior professionals devote the time and attention to providing high quality work and, more important, a successful outcome. Our responsiveness and depth of experience means we can provide resources on the ground whenever they are required.

As part of the due diligence process, we work closely with your advisors and collaborate with operations and information technology consultants. We also assess the buyer’s objectives and the target’s tax status, and can devise creative tax-structuring approaches to enhance value to the buyer. 

GMS Surgent Full Range of Services

Transaction Support Services
Investment funds need to focus on activities related to generating income and long term growth return, evaluating prospective portfolio companies and monitoring your existing investments. 

Our experience with venture funds can be applied to service you in a variety of areas:

  • Investment valuation procedures and required documentation
  • Calculation and recording of management fees
  • Distribution computations
  • Tax advice and preparation of applicable federal and state tax returns
  • Preparation of quarterly reports to limited partners

Due Diligence Services
Our extensive professional resources enable us to create a comprehensive view of middle market transactions.  We typically service the buy side of transactions, where we:

  • Assess the financial condition of the company being acquired
  • Analyze the quality of assets bought and liabilities assumed
  • Identify internal control weaknesses including observations on systems and personnel
  • Identify transitional issues
  • Prepare historical trends and finance projection analysis
  • Recommend the optimal deal structure from a tax perspective
  • Recommend financing alternatives and sources
Tax Services
Reducing tax liability floats to the top of the list for every business owner. Our tax advisors constantly search for strategies that are best for a business — ones that consider your total business picture, not just your next return.
More than a report card, our audit process serves as a vehicle for continuous improvement in building a business.

Business Consulting
We offer cost-effective business consulting services for you and your portfolio companies in the areas of financial management, risk management, strategy consulting, human resources, information technology and operations consulting.
Acquisition Accounting
Many of our clients have growth through acquisition, and as a result, we have assisted numerous clients in acquisition related services, including acquisition accounting, allocation, and related matters. The complexity of those services has varied with the structure and size of the transactions.  
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