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Agreed Upon Procedures

An Agreed Upon Procedures (AUP) engagement can be a cost-effective alternative to an audit. In an AUP engagement, GMS Surgent works with management and specified outside parties to determine the procedures that all parties believe are appropriate to meet their needs. We work upfront to ensure that the procedures to be performed are clear and precise, and include the nature, timing, and extent of the procedures to be performed. Examples of specified parties are regulatory agencies, banks, lenders, prospective investors, and prospective purchasers.

AUP are more limited in scope than an audit, and provide the flexibility to focus on only the procedures and areas of greatest concern to the parties involved. The scope of procedures can vary widely based on your needs and what you believe is appropriate. In an AUP engagement, an audit or review is not performed and no opinion or assurance is given. A report is issued listing the procedures performed and the findings.
Examples of agreed upon procedures engagements include:
  • Acquisition due diligence
  • Compliance with royalty agreements
  • Compliance with regulations or reporting
  • Tests to assess collectability of accounts receivable
  • Tests related to inventory existence and valuation
  • Review of activities of a department for compliance
    with company policies
  • Review of unapproved credit card charges to be
    presented to a bonding or insurance company
GMS Surgent is experienced in conducting AUP engagements and can provide you with a cost-effective, risk-based focus for inquiry and testing.
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