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Bankruptcy Support and Insolvency Workouts

GMS Surgent provides the traditional services of audit, accounting and tax. In addition, our services include assistance with business valuations, bankruptcy support, dispute resolution and insolvency workouts, as well as sound business advice and management consulting services. GMS Surgent is proud to offer expert advisors and strategic partnerships to serve all your needs.

Bankruptcy Support  
GMS Surgent has provided a wide range of services in bankruptcy matters. We have advised secured and unsecured creditors, debtors, trustees, creditors' committees, and bankruptcy counsel in most phases of Chapters 11 and 7 proceedings. We can assist the parties in bankruptcy proceedings in numerous ways as described below. 

  • Debtor – GMS Surgent can provide valuable assistance to debtors during the reorganization process to improve the prospects for successful emergence from bankruptcy protection. Our professionals can assist the debtor by determining short-term cash flow requirements and managing the use of current assets, valuing non-core assets and formulating exit strategies and identifying opportunities to reduce operating and overhead expenses, among other negotiations and preparations.
  • Secured Creditors - GMS Surgent can assist secured creditors by evaluating the debtor's cash collateral, determining the value of the secured creditor's collateral, evaluating whether the debtor's use of the collateral is impairing the collateral's value or if debtor is using the collateral to improve the position of other creditors to the detriment of the secured creditor.
  • Unsecured Creditors – GMS Surgent can help unsecured creditors and their counsel sort through the vast quantity of data to develop meaningful answers and strategy. Among the services we can provide are: analysis of claims; determination of debtor solvency at times prior to the actual bankruptcy filing, including cash flow and insolvency analysis; determination of the fair value/adequacy of the consideration transferred; and determination of the debtor's ability to pay maturing obligations.
  • Trustee/Receiver - GMS Surgent can assist bankruptcy trustees and receivers in managing the process of either turning a company around or engaging in an orderly liquidation of the company's assets.

Insolvency Workouts
For clients in any phase of insolvency, GMS Surgent is focused on providing superior financial services. We represent troubled companies in insolvency workouts outside of bankruptcy and purchasers of assets of troubled and bankrupt entities. We have experience representing creditors, debtors, and trustees, as well as clients in business transactions, commercial litigation matters and bankruptcy litigation matters.

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