GMS Surgent CPA
Individual Advisory Services

At GMS Surgent, our planning and consulting services are tailored to your vision, goals and objectives. Where you are, and where you want to be, are the two most powerful forces guiding our relationship.
Our experienced professionals will help you visualize a plan for your future, and offer all of the resources you need to set it in motion. Whether the goal is retirement, a college education, a competitive benefits package for your employees, reduced taxes on your estate, or any of the endless combinations of personal and business objectives, GMS Surgent will be with you and help you take action.
Your goals, your family and your business may change. Our commitment to exceeding your expectations does not. GMS Surgent will be here with integrated financial services, unique insights and objective advice to help you reach your goals.
GMS Surgent expertise and experience will help:
  • Assistance with identifying your financial goals
  • Assistance with managing your cash flow
  • Reviewing your insurance needs with your insurance broker 
  • Assistance with building education funds
  • Assistance to minimize income tax liability
  • Assistance to maximize retirement savings
  • Coordinate with your estate attorney to develop an estate plan
  • Coordinate with your investment advisor to monitor your investment performance
  • Assisance in planning for elder care and other special needs