GMS Surgent CPA
Tax Strategies and Compliance

The ever-changing tax laws and court interpretations require our continuing research and monitoring so that we are proactive in informing our clients of those areas that may affect them.  Our goal is for our clients to carry the lowest tax burden that is legally possible.

Strategic tax planning and reporting significantly impacts your ability to meet your overall financial objectives. GMS Surgent  anticipates tax opportunities rather than just reacting to them. As a result, we proactively help you maximize your tax saving opportunities.
GMS Surgent tax specialists have a comprehensive understanding of local, state, multi-state and federal tax regulations. The founders of the firm have significant expertise in taxation and are nationally renowned lecturers in all areas of taxation. We provide a full range of tax and accounting services for privately-held companies and individuals. An effective tax plan can help you:
  • Realize substantial cost savings
  • Improve Cash Flow
  • Achieve your desired tax results
  • Reduce the possibility of an IRS audit 
Tax Compliance
GMS Surgent prepares tax returns for private businesses, non-profit organizations, employee benefit plans, individuals, estates and trusts.
Tax Planning 
Tax planning is critical for business growth. If you are just starting out, GMS Surgent can advise you on different ownership forms and the related tax consequences. If you are already an established business, we can help you with tax planning, as well as evaluating the tax consequences of specific transactions.
GMS Surgent provides compliance and strategic planning for specific transactions such as mergers and acquisitions or the sale of a business.
State and Local Taxes
GMS Surgent takes an aggressive approach to business, sales, use, and property taxes, as well as multi-state income taxes to identify large state and local tax refunds and potential areas of state tax exposure.
Tax Audit Representation
With years of experience in this arena, GMS Surgent can represent you before federal, state, and local tax authorities.
Estate Planning
GMS Surgent can help you review, understand and select estate planning strategies such as Family Limited Liability Companies, Limited Partnerships, annual gifting, Qualified Subchapter S Trusts, and Charitable Remainder Trusts.