GMS Surgent CPA
Firm Culture

While our people, our work and our clients compose our identity, there are many other aspects that shape the GMS Surgent culture as well. Explore our programs to learn a little more about what GMS Surgent is about.

Getting Involved, Making a Difference. The mission of GMS Surgent Cares is simple – to apply our commitment to “Personal Attention-Valuable Results” in response to the needs of the communities in which we work and live.  

GMS Surgent Cares is designed to serve as a channel for employees to support initiatives that hold special meaning for them. Through their suggestions and ideas, we are given the opportunity to assist our co-workers in helping causes that are close to their hearts or hit close to home.

In an industry that is continuously transforming, GMS Surgent is committed to providing all resources that are necessary to support employee’s professional development. The GMS Surgent Academy provides multiple outlets to achieve this.

  • CPE curriculum (core curriculum and electives) – GMS Surgent is closely affiliated with Surgent McCoy, the leading provider of CPE for accountants nationwide. Jack Surgent, owner of Surgent McCoy and managing member at GMS Surgent is known nationwide as a top speaker. Needless to say, GMS Surgent is dedicated to providing the utmost quality of CPE for its employees.
  • Bi-weekly staff meetings- Every other Wednesday the staff joins together in the seminar room for instructional meetings on topical subjects, whether it be to better understand a new program or learn about updated tax laws. Employees are encouraged to interact, discuss and debate during the learning process.
  • On the job training – Employees are encouraged to use their co-workers as resources to learn. By taking on challenging work and learning from others on active client situations, GMS Surgent  employees are continuously taking their skills to the next level.

  • Training process for all new staff – New staff will go through training modules and an orientation checklist before they join
Each GMS Surgent employee is matched with a GMS Surgent manager, to meet quarterly. The objective of the partnership is for both individuals to go into the experience with a willingness to learn from one another and therefore gain great value. The GMS Surgent mentoring program acts as an avenue to facilitate this.
  • Mentors:
·         Pass on successes
·         Apply interpersonal and management skills
·         Expand horizons
·         Better understanding of their employees needs
  • Mentee’s
·         Valuable Direction
·         Listening ear
·         New perspective
·         Doors opened