GMS Surgent CPA
Meet the Minds Behind GMS Surgent

We strive to make communication a fundamental component of our partnership with every client. In every engagement, we focus on serving people. Whether you're a high net worth individual, owner of a closely held business or the president of a portfolio VC firm, you can expect to receive the level of attention needed to accomplish your goals. When you become a GMS Surgent client, you will be assigned an engagement team structured to meet your primary objectives.

  • An engagement team with extensive experience in comparably sized clients. 
  • An engagement team which specializes in servicing your industry and has been trained to assist your company in various stages of growth. 
  • Engagement partners who will build a strong working relationship with senior management and owners of your company. 
  • An integrated engagement team who can provide timely and effective response on sophisticated accounting and technical tax issues.