GMS Surgent CPA
Real Estate

Today’s real estate marketplace presents great investment potential, but it requires market knowledge, an understanding of trends and the ability to recognize opportunities that will return optimal results. As a real estate developer or investor, you are challenged with countless business and financial decisions daily. These decisions determine the level of success each venture will reach.  

GMS Surgent professionals have the expertise and quality to assist you and profoundly effect the return on your investments. We stay abreast of industry developments and offer that insight to our clients. GMS Surgent clients think of us as not just an accounting firm, but as trusted business advisors.

Additionally, GMS Surgent offers the following specialized services to our Real Estate clients:

  • Joint venture structuring
  • Cost segregation assistance
  • Predevelopment tax strategies
  • Operating agreement structuring
  • 1031 and reverse exchange analysis
  • Federal, state and local tax consulting and compliance
  • Dealer vs. investor status
  • Estate planning
  • Cash flow and profitability analysis of properties
  • Internal control and risk management services

Lauren Adamski, MT, CPA
Managing Member
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