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At GMS Surgent, our planning and consulting services are tailored to meet your vision, goals and objectives. We will help you visualize a plan for your future and offer the resources to set it in motion. Whether your goals are retirement, a college education, a competitive benefits package for employees, reduced estate taxes, or any of the endless combinations of personal and business objectives, we will be alongside you, creating an action plan.

Our individual advisory services can help:

  • Identify financial goals

  • Assist with managing cash flow

  • Review insurance needs in partnership with your insurance broker

  • Build education funds

  • Minimize income tax liability

  • Maximize retirement savings

  • Develop an estate plan in coordination with your estate attorney

  • Monitor your investment performance in coordination with your investment advisor

  • Plan for elder care and other special needs with your attorney

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"GMS Surgent” is the brand name under which GMS Surgent, LLC and GMS Surgent Advisors, LLC provide professional services. GMS Surgent, LLC and GMS Surgent Advisors, LLC are independently owned firms that practice in an alternative practice structure in accordance with the AICPA Code of Professional Conduct and applicable law, regulations and professional standards. GMS Surgent, LLC is a licensed CPA firm that primarily provides attest services. GMS Surgent Advisors, LLC provides tax and business consulting services and does not provide investment advisory services. GMS Surgent Advisors, LLC is not a licensed CPA firm nor a registered investment advisor.