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Strategic tax planning and reporting significantly impacts your ability to meet your financial objectives. Our founders are nationally renowned taxation lecturers and our team of tax specialists have a comprehensive understanding of local, state, multi-state and federal tax regulations. We continuously monitor the ever-changing tax laws and court interpretations to anticipate tax opportunities and proactively inform clients of updates. Our ultimate goal is to maximize tax savings, enabling clients to carry the lowest legally possible tax burden.

We provide a full range of tax and accounting services for privately-held companies and individuals that can help realize substantial cost savings, improve cash flow and reduce the possibility of an IRS audit. Our services span:

  • Tax Compliance
    Tax return preparation for private businesses, non-profit organizations, employee benefit plans, individuals, estates and trusts.

  • Tax Planning
    Critical for business growth, we advise companies on all aspects of tax planning, evaluating the tax consequences of ownership forms, specific transactions, etc.

  • Transactional
    We provide compliance and strategic planning for specific transactions such as mergers and acquisitions or the sale of a business.

  • State and Local Taxes
    Our aggressive approach to business, sales, use and property taxes, as well as multi-state income taxes aims to identify large state and local tax refunds and potential areas of state tax exposure.

  • Tax Audit Representation
    Based on our vast experience, we provide representation with federal, state and local tax authorities.

  • Estate Planning
    We can help you review, understand and select estate planning strategies such as Family Limited Liability Companies, Limited Partnerships, annual gifting, Qualified Subchapter S Trusts and Charitable Remainder Trusts.

  • Historic Tax Credits
    We guide clients through the process of accessing federal/state tax credits associated with qualified rehabilitation costs on historic projects. At every stage of the project, we coordinate our services with those of other key team members including the architect, contractor and historian to enhance the amount of tax credits earned and avoid delays in receiving important benefits.

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"GMS Surgent” is the brand name under which GMS Surgent, LLC and GMS Surgent Advisors, LLC provide professional services. GMS Surgent, LLC and GMS Surgent Advisors, LLC are independently owned firms that practice in an alternative practice structure in accordance with the AICPA Code of Professional Conduct and applicable law, regulations and professional standards. GMS Surgent, LLC is a licensed CPA firm that primarily provides attest services. GMS Surgent Advisors, LLC provides tax and business consulting services and does not provide investment advisory services. GMS Surgent Advisors, LLC is not a licensed CPA firm nor a registered investment advisor.